The National Student Exchange is a unique, not-for-profit consortium of nearly 170 accredited, baccalaureate-granting colleges and universities in the United States, Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Through NSE, these member institutions provide exchange opportunities for the multitude of undergraduate students for whom an overseas experience is not appropriate, comfortable or affordable. Established in 1968, NSE has provided exchange opportunities to more than 113,000 students.

NSE offers study opportunities at diverse university settings and provides access to a wide array of courses and programs; field experiences, co-op, and internship options; and resident assistant, honors, and study abroad opportunities of its member campuses.

The program features a tuition reciprocity system that allows students to attend their host institution by paying either the in-state tuition/fees of their host institution or the normal tuition/fees of their home campus. Work completed while on exchange at the host campus is brought back to the home institution and credited to the student's degree program. Each campus has a coordinator who interacts on behalf of incoming and outgoing students with other member campuses and with various departments on their own campus.

NSE is funded through institutional membership fees and student application fees. NSE is administered by a Central Office staff and governed by a Council elected from within the membership.

The values that guide NSE in meeting the diverse needs of our students, coordinators, and member institutions are: excellence in our performance, sensitivity, respect, cooperation, and service to member institutions and their students.

NSE invites applications for membership from colleges and universities that are:
  • baccalaureate-granting institutions located in the United States, its territories or Canada
  • institutions regionally accredited (United States) or recognized by their provincial government (Canada)
  • committed to providing the quality of service practiced by NSE members
Preliminary Membership Applications are welcome any time, but priority is given to applications received by April 1. More detailed information regarding membership is available by downloading the documents listed below.

Information for Prospective Members
Terms of Participation
Implementation Guidelines
Timeline for Campus NSE Activities
Preliminary Membership Application

Continue reading to learn how the National Student Exchange offers a study away option that integrates into the global and multicultural objectives of your campus as well as provides opportunities for cooperative programming with other network members.

"Having been in the somewhat unique position if managing academics at two NSE universities, I well know the value of it. I wish that more students would take advantage of the opportunities it provides them at such a modest cost."

Timothy Chandler
Interim President, Towson University
former Senior Associate Provost, Kent State University