The National Student Exchange is a study away opportunity that allows you to take new courses, see new places, make new friends, and enroll in academic options that may not be available on your own campus. You can study for a single term or academic year at one of nearly 200 NSE member colleges and universities in the locations listed below.
  • United States
  • Canada
  • Guam
  • Puerto Rico
  • U.S. Virgin Islands
The program is open to students currently enrolled at one of NSE's member colleges and universities. Participate in NSE to:
  • broaden your personal and educational perspectives
  • live in and explore new areas
  • learn from different professors
  • experience personal growth
  • explore new areas of study
  • take courses not available on your home campus
  • acquire life skills
  • explore career options
  • investigate graduate schools
  • look for future employment
  • become more independent and resourceful
  • experience life from a different point of view
Where do you want to study next year?

"For me, going abroad seemed too far away; staying home seemed too close. NSE was the perfect choice!"

Lauren Flaherty
Sonoma State University
to the University of Northern Colorado

If your campus is not an NSE member, you may want to bring the program to the attention of your campus administrators in offices such as study abroad, honors programs, student success centers, academic advising, student services, or student government. NSE is open to accredited, four-year colleges and universities in the United States and Canada. Membership information is available at the Prospective Member site.