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Western State Colorado University

Gunnison, CO


About This Campus

Set at 7700 feet in the cradle of the Rocky Mountains, Western State Colorado Universities 228-acre campus is awash in a sea of sage and framed by majestic granite peaks. We are a four-year, liberal arts university offering professional and pre-professional programs of study. Part of the closely-knit Gunnison community, our campus offers spectacular views of the surrounding snow-capped peaks and a high alpine dessert. Our students are never more than minutes from world-class mountain biking, fly-fishing, alpine and nordic skiing, whitewater rafting and kayaking, and backpacking. Western is the oldest Colorado university west of the Continental Divide and is dedicated to providing a high-quality liberal arts education. Western is committed to its community and offers outreach through service-learning projects, field research, and volunteer opportunities.

Location Information

Gunnison, Colorado

Helpful Information

Geographically located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains makes travel to and from Gunnison hard. There is a free bus that runs from campus to Crested Butte multiple times daily. Be advised that our campus does NOT offer airport reception and there is no public transportation from the Gunnison airport to campus. Although, the Greyhound bus system goes from downtown Denver (Union Station)to the bus stop on campus. Students can take the light rail from DIA to Union Station to catch this bus.

Chance of Placement

Host Payment (A)
Home Payment (B)
Learn more about Chance of Placement
and choosing back-up options.

Fast Facts

Location | Gunnison
Population | 6,000
Enrollment | 2,900
Language | English
Calendar | Semester
Canada | Both (A/B)
Term Dates
Fall | 08/27-12/20
Spring | 01/14-05/10

Campus Diversity

White | 77%
Black | 2%
Hispanic/Latino | 12%
Asian | 1%
Native/1st Nation | 1%
Hawaiian/P.I. | 0%
Two or more | 0%
Other | 7%
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-- Campus Catalog --

Registration Priority
  • With seniors
Closed Programs
Elementary Education,Business Administration - Energy Management, and Art.

Registration is limited in music courses and an audition is required for upper division music courses. Students must meet Western's prerequisites to take classes from the Biology Department. Western does NOT facilitate internships for credit.

Notable Academic Programs

  • Outdoor Education
  • Geology - Petroleum Geology
  • Environmental Studies
  • Business Administration

Undergraduate Majors Open to NSE Students

Anthropology: Anthropology, Archaeology

Area Studies: Latin American Studies

Athletics: Athletic Training, Coaching, Exercise Science, Fitness and Sports Science, Fitness Management, Health and Fitness Teaching, Physical Education, Sports Behavior, Sports Management/Administration

Biological Sciences: Applied Biology, Biology/Life Science, Cell Biology, Field Biology, Genetics, Human Biology, Microbiology, Wildlife Biology

Business: Accounting, Business, Business Administration, Entrepreneurship, Finance and Operation Management, Finance/Banking, Human Resource Management, Management, Marketing, Petroleum Land Management, Public Relations

Chemistry: Biochemistry, Chemistry

Communications: Communication, Film, Interpersonal and Public Communication, Mass Communication, Organizational Communication

Computer Science: Computer Network Security, System Administration

Criminal Justice: Criminal Justice

Earth Sciences: Geology

Economics: Economics

Education: English, Mathematics, Music, Physical Education, Secondary Education, Spanish

English: Creative Writing, English

Environmental Studies: Conservation Biology, Environmental Biology, Environmental Sciences, Environmental Studies, Sustainability Studies, Wildlife Biology/Science, Wildlife Ecology

Foreign Language: Spanish

Geography and Urban Studies: Geography

Geology: Geology

Health and Safety Sciences: Exercise Science

History: History

Hospitality and Tourism: Hospitality Management, Hotel/Restaurant Management, Tourism Management

Information Studies: Computer Information Systems, Computer Programming, Computer Science

Mathematics: Mathematics

Performing Arts: Acting, Music, Theater Arts/Drama

Philosophy/Religious Studies: Philosophy

Physics: Physics

Political Science: American Political Science, Government, International Studies, Political Science

Pre-Professional : Law Pre-Professional

Psychology: Counseling, Psychology

Recreation: Adventure Education, Outdoor Education, Outdoor Recreation Management, Recreation, Recreation Leadership, Sports Management

Sociology/Social Work: Law and Society, Sociology

Theater: Performance and Directing


Quick Links GPA and Other Academic Requirements
  • None.
Exchange Preferences
  • Full-year exchange Accepted
  • Single term exchange Accepted
Mid-Year Exchange (Exchange that begins with the Spring/Winter Term)
  • Available
Summer Exchange
  • Plan A
International Students (Visa Students)
  • Will not accept

Tuition / Fees

-- Campus Budget --
  • Fees are subject to change without notice.
  • Two semesters = one academic year
  • Three quarters = one academic year
Tuition and Fees Per Semester - Host Payment (Plan A) Students
  • Figures are current as of 07/16/18.
  • Estimated cost: $5000.
  • Expect 5-15% increase for the subsequent academic year.
  • Figures are based on 15 hours. Actual costs may be greater or less depending upon your actual enrollment.
  • Figures do not include costs you will incur for course specific enrollment (e.g., laboratory courses, student teaching, studio art)
  • See below for credit hour restrictions and/or miscellaneous fees applicable to Host Payment (Plan A) students.
Tuition and Fees - Home Payment (Plan B) Students
  • No tuition/fees are paid to the host campus.
  • Figures do not include costs you will incur for course specific enrollment (e.g., laboratory courses, student teaching, studio art)
  • See below for credit hour restrictions and/or miscellaneous fees applicable to Home Payment (Plan B) students.
Maximum Credit Hours Per Semester
  • Host Payment (Plan A): 18 ($353.00 per additional hour)
  • Home Payment (Plan B): 18 ($353.00 per additional hour)
Miscellaneous Fees - Per Semester
Figures are current as of 07/16/18.

Purpose Amount Period Plan Status
NSE Program Fee $100.00 Semester Plan A & B Mandatory
Housing Deposit $100.00 Semester Plan A & B Mandatory
Recreation Fee $100.00 Semester Plan A Optional
Orientation Fee $50.00 Semester Plan A & B Mandatory
Business Administration course Fee $45.00 Credit Hour Plan A & B Mandatory
Economics course Fee $45.00 Credit Hour Plan A & B Mandatory
Other Fee $45.00 Credit Hour Plan A & B Mandatory

Important Notes: To take course from the School of Business (Business Administration, Accounting or Economics courses) there is an additional fee of $45.00 per credit hour for the 2018-2019 school year subject to change for following years. Some natural science laboratory courses may have additional fees. All additional fees are mandatory for Plan A and B students.

Exchange with Canada - Health Insurance
Students do not need to purchase health insurance.

Financial Aid

Host Payment (Plan A)
For Plan A U.S. students, aid is awarded by and disbursed from your host campus. Students apply for federally funded financial aid by using the FAFSA code of their host campus. Host campuses award aid to eligible incoming Plan A students on a first-come, first-served basis as long as funds are available. Ask your home campus NSE coordinator if your campus awards aid to their own outgoing students. If so, do not apply for aid from your host campus.

For eligible Plan A applicants U.S. federal financial aid may be available in the following programs:

  • Pell
  • Perkins
  • DL
  • Plus
Use FAFSA CODE: 001372

Home Payment (Plan B)
For eligible Plan B students, aid is awarded by and disbursed from your home campus.

Regardless of Payment Plan, students exchanging to or from Canada, apply for financial aid at their home campus.

Room / Meals

Figures are current as of 07/16/18

On-Campus Housing Per Semester
  • 50% living on campus
  • Suite: $4800 (includes meals)
  • Per semester unless otherwise noted
  • Students must live on campus
  • Maximum housing reserved for women: 10
  • Maximum housing reserved for men: 10
  • Maximum unrestricted housing reserved: 10
Off-Campus Housing
  • Appoximate monthly cost: $550.00
  • Proximity to campus:
  • Local Public Transportation Available to Campus
Notes About Housing
The sooner you complete a housing application the more likely you will be able to get a campus apartment. If the apartments are full, you will be assigned to a suite-style residence. The mandatory on campus living requirement may only be appealed through the NSE Coordinator for rare and/or extreme circumstances.

Meal Plans Per Semester

  • Meal purchase is required for on campus living.
  • $843.00 declining balance plan.
  • $2472.50 per semester for 19 meals per week.
  • $2258.00 per semester for 15 meals per week.
  • $1994.00 per semester for 10 meals per week.
Notes About Meal Plans
See our website for additional meal plan options through Rare Air Café. All plans include flex dollars that can be spent at Mad Jack's Café.

All data in this document is the responsibility of the campus and has been provided by the campus NSE coordinator.
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