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Your Host NSE Coordinator
Your Host NSE coordinator is familiar with university policies and procedures and is the first person you should contact for any issues that may arise before, during, or after your exchange. Most Host NSE coordinators will schedule an orientation to familiarize exchange students with the host institution and introduce you to other NSE students. If you arrive ahead of an orientation or one is not scheduled, take time to immediately introduce yourself to your NSE coordinator. Upon arrival, you should provide both home and host campus coordinators your host campus mailing address, phone, email, and emergency contact information.

Get Involved
While NSE is an academic endeavor and coursework should be your primary focus, you are also encouraged to get involved in your host campus and host community! Meet "local" students by living on campus, getting involved in student organizations/clubs, or participating in intramural sports. Get off campus and get to know your new community by taking a service-learning class, volunteering, or getting an internship.

Adjusting to Your New Environment
Some students have challenges in adjusting to their new academic, social, and/or regional environment. You may experience home-sickness, isolation, and disillusionment. This mental, physical, and emotional adjustment to living in a new place is referred to as culture shock. Keep in mind that initial discomfort is a normal part of adjusting to a new living and learning environment. Share your feelings with other exchange participants, keep an open mind, be flexible, get involved in activities, and look at the experience as a mind-stretching process. If you continue to feel uncomfortable in your new setting, contact your NSE coordinator for guidance.

The majority of NSE students live on campus at their host institution. Some campuses require NSE students to live on campus whereas others have no on-campus housing available (or it is not guaranteed). You can find basic on-campus housing info (availability, competitiveness, options and costs) by reviewing the "Room/Meals" section of each NSE campus profile. If you live on campus, you should expect to pay room and board fees to your host campus. Students choosing to live off campus must secure off-campus housing with limited or no help from the host campus. Students living off campus do so at their own discretion and risk.

While on exchange, you are expected to maintain full-time (in the classroom) enrollment at your host campus and comply with all the rules and regulations (academic, codes of conduct, financial) of your host campus. If you are exchanging for a full academic year, your home and host coordinators will inform you of the grade point you will be required to obtain in order to remain eligible to continue in the NSE program from one term to the next. These requirements may be different between your home and host institutions. The requirement may also be different from your host or home institution's normal academic retention standards. It is your responsibility to know what will be expected of you as an NSE participant to maintain program eligibility.

Rules and Regulations
While on exchange, you are governed by the Conditions of Placement outlined on your signed Placement Acceptance Form. NSE students are governed by the rules and regulations of the host college or university and the local, state, territorial, or provincial laws of the location of exchange. These regulations may be different than those of your home campus. You will be subject to academic standards; residence hall rules, regulations, and contractual obligations; financial obligations, payment deadlines; course registration, withdrawal schedules, and codes of social/behavioral conduct.

Host Campus Transcript
It is your responsibility to request that an official transcript from your host campus be sent to the appropriate office at your home campus at the end of each term of your exchange. Posting of the host campus work on your home campus permanent record completes your exchange agreement. If a transcript is not sent to your home campus, your permanent record at the home campus is incomplete with consequences that may affect subsequent financial aid, registration, graduation, and requests for future home campus transcripts.

Intercollegiate Athletics
Due to compliance regulations of the NCAA and the NAIA, it is unlikely that NSE students who currently participate in intercollegiate athletics can qualify to participate while on exchange to their host universities. This applies to all divisions of men's and women's athletics. For further information, contact the NCAA or NAIA officer at your home and/or host campus.

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