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NSE has established a basic framework of policies to which all member campuses and their students are subject. Within those policies, each campus determines its own procedures and timeline for the program. Each campus has an NSE coordinator who is responsible for administering the NSE program at that campus. They may establish their own eligibility requirements, policies, and process relating to student participation. They are the best source for advice about your participation in NSE.

General Eligibility Requirements Prior to Exchange
1. Baccalaureate degree seeking undergraduate (matriculating) student at an NSE member campus
2. Completion of one term of full-time attendance (12 semester or 12 quarter hours) at NSE member campus prior to application*
3. Completion of one academic year (24 semester hours or 36 quarter hours) at an NSE member campus prior to exchange
4. Full-time (in classroom) enrollment at your NSE home campus
5. Minimum home campus cumulative gpa of 2.5 (4.0 scale)*
6. Good academic standing as defined by your home campus
7. No incomplete grades from previous terms
8. No outstanding financial obligations to your home campus
9. No current or pending campus probationary status or disciplinary action due to academic dishonesty, civil, or criminal misconduct
10. No current or pending non-campus related probationary status or disciplinary action due to civil or criminal misconduct

* Transfer students may apply for NSE during their first term at the home university at the discretion of the home campus NSE coordinator and potential host campus NSE coordinator. Student may be able to participate in exchange during their second term if they meet and maintain all general eligibility requirements (see above). Student should work with the home campus NSE coordinator to determine specific campus eligibility. Not all NSE member campuses may be able to accept transfer students in the first term.

The potential host campus may have different and/or additional eligibility requirements: Consult the Campus Profile for exchange requirements, limitations and restrictions which apply to incoming exchange students at the school(s) you are considering for exchange.

While on exchange, you are expected to maintain full-time (in the classroom) enrollment at your host campus and comply with all the rules and regulations (academic, codes of conduct, financial, etc) of your host campus. See During Exchange for additional information of what will be expected of you at your host campus.

Length of Exchange
NSE does not limit the number of terms a student may be on exchange, however:

No more than one academic year (two semesters or three quarters and a summer session) may be spent at one NSE school.**
After completing one year on exchange, students may select a different NSE member institution for exchange if it meets their academic needs and is approved by their campus academic advisors and NSE coordinator. (Exchanges in different academic years may incur additional NSE application fees.)

**Exchange beyond the equivalent of one calendar year is not permitted at the same campus. Students choosing to remain at a host campus following the period of exchange eligibility must process a transfer application. NSE is not a mechanism for transfer to your host campus nor can NSE be utilized to circumvent the host campus's requirement for establishing residency for tuition purposes.

Language Proficiency
With the exception of some campuses in Puerto Rico and Quebec (see below), the language of instruction at all NSE campuses is English. Students for whom English is not their first language must demonstrate English language proficiency as part of the home campus application process. TOEFL, IELTS, or other language tests may also be required by some host campuses.

The language of instruction at all NSE campuses in Puerto Rico is Spanish. Students must demonstrate Spanish language proficiency as part of their home institution's application process.

The language of instruction at several schools in Quebec, Canada (Universite de Montreal, Universite de Sherbrooke, and Universite du Quebec a' Montreal) is French. You must demonstrate French language proficiency as part of your home institution's application process. Following placement, you may also be requested to complete a language placement test.

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