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Location | Brandon
Population | 55,000
Enrollment | 3,662
Language | English
Calendar | Semester
Canada | Home & Host

Term Dates
Fall | 09/04-12/18
Spring | 01/05-04/22

Brandon University

Brandon, MB

About This Campus

Brandon University attracts students interested in obtaining an excellent education in an environment geared to the individual. Small class sizes, faculty who are easily accessible, a compact campus, a rural focus, and a diverse student population combine to form a stimulating, supportive, and personalized learning experience. BU offers undergraduate degrees in arts, business administration, education, fine arts, music, nursing, science & environmental science, and graduate programs in music, rural development, psychiatric nursing & environmental science. Our music school attracts talented performers and has internationally renowned composers on faculty. BU is home to the innovative Applied Disaster & Emergency Studies program. Our liberal arts curriculum stands out as a refreshing alternative. We deliver rich content, but we also teach students how to apply knowledge, to perform and communicate, to innovate and to be critical thinkers. COSTS: Costs are given in Canadian dollars.

Location Information

Brandon University is located in Brandon, Manitoba, the second largest city in the province. The campus is centrally located in the city and is served by bus service. Housing is located on campus.

Helpful Information

Students at Brandon University feel like big fish in a little pond. The campus is located in an area of two city blocks by three city blocks. It is easy to get to know your professors because the student to professor ratio is 11 to 1. Placement, registration, course choices and commuting from off-campus are all relatively easy at BU.
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Campus Availability & Deadlines
2025-2026 Chance of Placement
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  • When will I register? According to class standing
  • Syllabus Request for Course Pre-Approval: Contact Host Coordinator for assistance
Closed Programs
Nursing and Education

Notable Academic Programs

  • Music - With over 100 years’ experience, the School of Music has the reputation as one of Canada’s finest. Programs are offered in Music Education, Performance, and many other areas.Brandon University has a long and distinguished history as a leader in post-secondary musical education. The School of Music maintains an exceptionally low studentteacher ratio and prides itself on the personalized instruction it provides to students. The Queen Elizabeth II Music Building is one of the finest facilities of its kind. In addition to many teaching and practice studios, rehearsal halls and classrooms, it houses the Lorne Watson Recital Hall, the Music Library, the Music Technology Lab, the Electronic Music Studio and the Media Room.
  • Disaster Studies - This program introduces students to a broad range of technological and environmental risks with an emphasis on how social and physical factors interact in disasters. Graduates of the program are able to assist with all aspects of emergency management, including traditional preparedness and response activities as well as recovery efforts to help people affected by disasters get their lives back to normal, and mitigation planning to prevent future damages. Applied Disaster and Emergency Studies adopts a liberal arts and sciences approach to foster an appreciation for the interdisciplinary nature of the field. The ADES curriculum balances theory and practice as well as the social and physical science perspectives. A minor is also available to complement any BA or BSc major.
  • Fine Art - This is a professional studio-based program offering four-year majors and minors in Aboriginal Art, Art and Visual Culture (minor only), Drawing, Ceramics, Digital Media & Design, and Painting.The Bachelor of Fine Arts course load includes classes in art studio, lectures in art history and visual culture, and at least one business course. The studio programs foster an informed, contemporary professional practice in the majors listed above. Students are encouraged to immerse themselves in a wide spectrum of creative directions and opportunities in addition to their specialized major. Ceramic majors have the opportunity to hand-build, wheel-throw, and create clay sculpture in a new state-of-the-art ceramic studio. As a non-studio minor degree, Art History/Visual Culture opens the way to appreciating visual expressions and ideas from many different cultures and time periods.
  • First Nation Studies - Native Studies focuses on how colonialism – both historical and contemporary – impacts Indigenous nations, as well as on the many forms of resistance to it. Our courses draw primarily upon the work of indigenous scholars, and emphasize indigenous approaches to knowledge. Many span diverse geopolitical contexts. Students in Native Studies can focus on courses in language and culture, in literature and the arts, and in history and philosophy. Or one may choose to study Indigenous perspectives on law, on treaties and treaty-making and on governance. Alternatively you might focus your studies on issues in Native health, education and spirituality, or learn more about the Metis nation, about Natives and the justice system, and Indigenous research methodologies.
  • Environmental Sciences - This four-year interdisciplinary program provides the scientific background necessary to address environmental issues such as pollution, climate change, resource management, and the conservation of wildlife and their habitats. This degree offers a wide range of career opportunities, with the environmental sector seeing rapid employment growth across Canada. Students choose one of three streams of specialization: Biodiversity, Physical Sciences, and Resource Management. The program includes courses offered by each of the Science departments, principally Biology, Chemistry, Geography, and Geology as well as courses from the Faculty of Arts, like Environmental Ethics. Special Features All students complete a final-year project in preparation for professional practice. This project can be completed working with a BU professor or as part of a co-op placement with Parks Canada, Agriculture and Agri-Foods Canada or another Federal or Manitoba agency. Students can additionally receive course credit for approved work placements with these agencies or other employers in the environmental industry.

Unique Academic Programs

  • Emergency Administration and Planning - Brandon University’s Applied Disaster and Emergency Studies (ADES) program is changing the emergency management field in Canada. The ADES degree is designed to combine social and physical sciences perspectives of hazards and disasters within a liberal arts education framework. ADES is producing new professionals with a broad scope of practice and wide-ranging knowledge. Emergency management is the development and implementation of policies and processes to help reduce risks, prepare communities, respond to hazard impacts and recover from the consequences. Unlike the past options of transitioning to emergency management from a traditional first response or military background, ADES offers students the opportunity to learn about and experience all aspects of managing how our communities deal with disasters.

Honors Access: Yes

Undergraduate Majors Open to NSE Students

Accounting, Anthropology, Art... ++ show all


GPA and Other Academic Requirements Exchange Preferences
  • Full-year exchange Accepted
  • Single term exchange Accepted
Non-Native English Speakers
  • TOEFL: must have a score of 550.00 paper, 213.00 computer or 80.00 Internet
  • IELTS: must have a score of 6.50
Summer Exchange
  • Not available
International Students (Visa Students)
  • Will accept Home/Host Pay
Canadian Students - learn more
  • Will accept Home/Host Pay

Tuition / Finances

Figures per Semester are current as of 06/28/23

Finances Tuition and Fees Per Semester - Host Payment Students
  • Pay resident-rate tuition to your host campus. No tuition/fees are paid to your home campus
  • Estimated cost: $3091.
  • Figures are based on full-time enrollment.
Tuition and Fees - Home Payment Students
  • Pay regular tuition to your home campus. No tuition/fees are paid to your host campus.
Maximum Credit Hours Per Semester
  • Host Payment: 15
  • Home Payment: 15

Financial Aid for NSE Students
Regardless of Payment Plan, financial aid is awarded by and disbursed from your home campus.

Miscellaneous Fees - Per Semester

Purpose Amount Period Plan Status
Admission Fee $140.00 Year Host & Home Mandatory
Housing Deposit $350 Year Host & Home Mandatory
Athletic Fee $39.60 Semester Host & Home Mandatory
Health Service Fee $250 Year Host & Home Optional
ID Card $26.25 Year Host & Home Mandatory
Technology Fee $95.25 Semester Host & Home Mandatory
Parking Fee $398.69 Year Host & Home Optional
Transportation Fee $20.00 Year Host & Home Mandatory
Student Services Fee $57.75 Semester Host & Home Mandatory
Student Union Fee $138.15 Semester Host & Home Mandatory
Course Fees / MaterialsVariesSemesterHost & HomeMandatory

Room / Meals

Figures are current as of 06/28/23

On-Campus Housing Per Semester Off-Campus Housing
  • Off-Campus Housing
  • Approximate monthly cost: $600
  • Proximity to campus: 1
  • Local Public Transportation Available to Campus
Meal Plans
  • Campus Meal Plans
  • Meal purchase is required for on campus living.
  • $2125.00 declining balance plan.


Campus Links


Figures per Semester are current as of 06/28/23

Purpose Amount Period Plan Status
Health Insurance $712.50 Year Host Mandatory

Exchange with Canada - Health Insurance
Students do not need to purchase health insurance.


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