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Direct Placements
NSE exchange placements occur year-round and most campuses accept students throughout the academic year. Direct placement applications are accepted March 15 to November 30 (individual campus deadlines may differ). Placements for fall can be arranged until midsummer; placements for the spring semester can be made until November 30 (individual campus deadlines may differ). Direct placements are a snap and are a great way to pursue your NSE options.

Direct placements are made according to exchange space availability. You may monitor the campuses that will accept direct placements throughout the year. Make certain that the campus you select meets your academic, financial, and personal needs prior to application.

Priority Placements
NSE campuses accept students throughout the academic year. Many applications for exchange in an upcoming academic year are negotiated each March in our Priority Placement process. Each campus NSE coordinator determines eligibility for outgoing student applicants to be placed at this event and will accept applications December 1 to March 1 (individual campus deadlines may differ).

During Priority Placement, you can be accepted for exchange by only one campus. If your first-choice campus is not available, your placement request will then be considered by your alternate choice campuses until a placement is confirmed. Once a campus has accepted you for exchange, no further consideration will be given by other campus choices. If your campus choices are not able to accept you at Priority Placement, your home NSE coordinator will help you locate placement at a campus open to exchange.

Placement Acceptance by the Host Campus
Placement acceptances are made according to the exchange space available under the respective tuition payment plans (Home or Host) of the host institution. At Priority Placement, your requests will be considered by a potential host campus in the order in which you prioritized them. NSE coordinators make placement decisions to achieve balance with their own outgoing NSE students.

Placement Probability
Each student must select a first-choice campus. Use Chance of Placement-1st Choice Campus to understand your placement availability at your first-choice campus (also listed on campus profile). Each student is encouraged to have 1-3 campus options. Use Chance of Placement-Alternate to understand chance of placement at alternate campus choices. In addition, your home campus NSE coordinator can assist you in choosing a first-choice campus and suitable alternate options.

Your Placement Acceptance
In the week following a Priority or Direct Placement, your home coordinator will inform you of the placement decision. You accept your placement by completing and signing the Placement Acceptance Form (PAF) which identifies the host campus, exchange duration, and tuition plan for your exchange. The form also identifies the conditions of placement. Failure to sign and return the Placement Acceptance Form by the stated deadline will result in cancellation of your placement.

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