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Register now for the Fall 2023 NSE VIRTUAL FAIR! Check out the sessions and schedule below. Can't attend live? Check back here after the session to watch the recording.

NSE Alumni Panel
Tuesday, September 26 from 2-3pm (Central), Register: http://bit.ly/44o4XqI

Career & Internship Opportunities on NSE
Tuesday, September 26 from 3-4pm (Central), Register: http://bit.ly/3KYvRyl

Beyond the Mainland: Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam, UVI, Hawaii, & Alaska
Tuesday, September 26 from 4-5pm (Central), Register: http://bit.ly/3EhsvTe

Exploring STEM through NSE
Wednesday, September 27 from 2-3pm (Central), Register: http://bit.ly/44l1auc

Research Opportunities on NSE (+Honors access)
Wednesday, September 27 from 3-4pm (Central), Register: http://bit.ly/3spAxHc

The Great NSE Road Trip
Wednesday, September 27 from 4-5pm (Central), Register: http://bit.ly/3KUGXVb

Wilderness & Adventure Campuses
Thursday, September 28 from 2-3pm (Central), Register: http://bit.ly/3QTeHWC

LGBTQ+ Friendly Campuses
Thursday, September 28 from 3-4pm (Central), Register: http://bit.ly/3QSB7aA

Student Accessibility & Support while on NSE
Thursday, September 28 from 4-5pm (Central), Register: http://bit.ly/3PbRDkL

Watch the recorded sessions from January 2023:

Language Opportunities (Puerto Rico, Quebec, and more)
Recorded Session: https://bit.ly/3JcICFr

Canadian Exchange
Recorded Session: https://bit.ly/3kG5MKj

Wilderness/Adventure Campuses
Recorded Session: https://bit.ly/3DcO7jT

Road Trip Across the U.S.!
Recorded Session: https://bit.ly/3kE9uE6

Minority Serving Institutions (HBCUs, HSIs, and AANAPISIs)
Recorded Session: https://bit.ly/3WCn8EW

Campuses New to NSE
Recorded Session: https://bit.ly/3Dc4v4a

Great Weather Campuses
Recorded Session: https://bit.ly/3XBMV1p

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