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Students working as a Resident Assistant may be able to continue this experience while on NSE Exchange. Review participating campuses and speak with your NSE Coordinator for options.

Benefits of RA Exchange
While working as an RA on another campus, there is the opportunity to learn from a new housing and residence life department while interacting with students, faculty and administrators. Participants have an opportunity to experience life on another university campus while using NSE's tuition reciprocity.

Cost to apply for RA Exchange
Each participating university has its own application fee for participation in the National Student Exchange. There is no additional fee for the RA Exchange option.

Participate in RA Exchange
Contact your university's National Student Exchange coordinator for information on NSE application forms and requirements. Be prepared for early application requirements.

Salisbury University (MD)N/A
SUNY Plattsburgh (NY)N/A
Texas A & M University - Kingsville (TX)N/A
University of Colorado Colorado Springs (CO)02/24
University of Hawaii at Manoa (HI)N/A
University of Northern Iowa (IA)N/A
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire (WI)N/A
University of Wisconsin-La Crosse (WI)N/A
West Virginia University (WV)N/A
Western Colorado University (CO)N/A

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