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Understand How Your Home Campus Accepts NSE Courses
Speak with your home campus NSE Coordinator for more information.

Initial Research: Finding Courses to Take on Exchange
  • Use the programs of study search tool to find NSE campuses that may offer courses you'd like to take on exchange.
  • Consult the course catalog (available on the Academics tab of each campus profile) and/or the departmental website to view specific courses offered.
If you are enrolled in a major on your home campus that has program-specific accreditation, you must determine if your exchange work in your major must also be completed at an accredited program. Several accreditation agencies are linked below, but the list is not comprehensive. Please speak with your campus NSE Coordinator for additional information.
Course Availability
NSE students should have a flexible academic plan while on exchange. Enrollment in any specific course cannot be guaranteed.
  • Some NSE campuses have LIMITED and/or CLOSED academic programs, departments, and/or courses. Please review this information on the Academic Programs tab on the campus profile of campus(es) that interest you.
  • Students must meet pre-requisites and/or co-requisites as determined by their host campus in order to register for certain courses.
  • Registration priority is determined by the host campus. Some campuses allow NSE students to register early (thus very few courses will be full), but other campuses allow NSE students to register late (thus some courses will be full). View the registration priority info on the Academic Programs tab of each campus profile.
Grades and Credits
Your home campus determines how your host campus courses and grades are recorded on your transcript. Consult with your home campus NSE coordinator to understand how this works on your campus. Prior to exchange, you are encouraged to develop a written advising agreement with your academic advisor/department and your home NSE coordinator in order to identify how NSE courses will be applied to your home campus degree program. You may need to have course descriptions (and/or course syllabi) to facilitate these discussions; search for these on the course catalog (available on the Academic Programs tab on the campus profiles) and/or the website of the campus(es) that interest you.

NSE students must request that an official transcript from your host campus be sent to the appropriate office at your home campus at the end of each term of your exchange. Posting of the host campus work on your home campus permanent record completes your exchange agreement. If a transcript is not sent to your home campus, your permanent record at the home campus is incomplete with consequences that may affect subsequent financial aid, registration, graduation, and requests for future home campus transcripts.

Semester vs. Quarter
Consult the academic calendar info available on the Campus Profile of school(s) that interest you to determine if they are on a semester or quarter system. This may affect how credits transfer back to your home campus. Quarter credit hours generally earn one-third fewer credit hours than semester credit hours. Conversely, semester hours generally earn one-third more credit hours than quarter credit hours. Member campuses vary in the way that credit conversions are made between these two calendars, so consult your home campus NSE coordinator to understand how this works on your campus.

Distance Education and Online Courses
The premise of NSE is that the benefit of being on exchange is to be immersed in the culture and activities of the host campus. NSE expects students to be enrolled full-time (in classroom) at their host campus. Distance education courses in lieu of full-time in-classroom enrollment status on the host campus are not permitted. Any enrollment (host or home campus) in distance education courses is permitted if over and above in-classroom host campus instruction. If you do enroll in distance education or online courses, you are likely to incur costs over and above those that are normally included in NSE participation.

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