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You are encouraged to select colleges and universities that will provide learning opportunities to supplement and complement those of your home institution and assist you in reaching your educational goals. You are also encouraged to select campuses that will stimulate personal growth and development and allow you to experience the educational, geographic, and cultural diversity found among NSE's members.

Essential tips for researching your exchange and deciding on and NSE campus.

Understand exchange policies and procedures.
Contact your home campus NSE Coordinator with key questions.
  • Which tuition plan is available to me?
  • What are my campus eligibility requirements?
  • What is the deadline and application process?
Understand Academic Choices
Review Academic Credit for more info. Review the Academics tab and Course Catalog on the campus profile of any school you are considering.

Academic questions:
  1. Do I have a flexible academic plan for exchange? If you are dependent on a specific course for graduation or to maintain academic progress, exchange may not be appropriate. Registration in host campus courses is based on offerings and availability and cannot be guaranteed.
  2. Has my academic advisor approved my plan for exchange?
  3. Will the host campus offer access to adequate courses for maintenance of academic progress?
  4. Will participating in the exchange delay graduation?
  5. How will specialized or unique course offerings at the host campus enhance my academic program and career objectives?
  6. Am I proficient in the language of my prospective host campus? Classes are taught in Spanish at all campuses in Puerto Rico. At most campuses in Quebec, classes are taught in French.
  7. Is the host campus on the same academic calendar as my own? If you are moving between quarter and semester calendars, you are encouraged to plan an academic year exchange to maintain academic progress.
Understand Finances
Review Tuition and Fees and Financial Aid for more info. Review the campus profile of any school you're considering.

Key questions:
  • Which tuition plan is available to me?
  • Which campus will fund my financial aid?
  • Are my financial resources sufficient to cover the cost of exchange?
Understand Placement
Review Placement for more info on choosing and prioritizing your exchange school. These classifications are based on past exchange history and are for informational purposes only. They are not meant to discourage consideration of a specific campus.

When reviewing a campus profile, consider the Chance of Placement feature.
  • Excellent = Campus will accept nearly all qualified applicants for exchange.
  • Good = Campus will accept most qualified applicants, but not all.
  • Competitive = Campus will accept fewer than 50% of qualified applicants.
  • Most Competitive = Campus will accept fewer than 25% of qualified applicants.
All students should include at least one campus on their application that has an Excellent or Good probability of placement.

Your home campus NSE coordinator has access to campus placement history and will advise you on choosing a first-choice campus and suitable back-up choices if necessary.

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