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NSE utilizes two options for payment of tuition and fees. When you are a student on NSE Exchange you will pay resident tuition and fees to your HOST campus or your regular tuition and fees to your HOME campus. One or the other, not both.
  • Host Payment - student pays in-state (resident/provincial) tuition and fees directly to the host campus (and no tuition is paid to the home campus)
  • Home Payment - student pays their normal tuition and fees to their home campus (and no tuition is paid to the host campus)
Step 1: Determine whether your home campus operates under Host Payment, Home Payment, or both. Consult your home campus NSE coordinator for this information.
  • If your campus will send you on Host Payment, you can view the host campus tuition and fees by clicking on the Tuition/Fees tab of each member Campus Profile.
  • If your campus will send you on Home Payment, you will continue to pay your normal tuition and fees to your home campus.
  • If your campus will send you on EITHER Host or Home Payment, consult your home campus NSE coordinator to determine placement process and/or odds for either plan.
Step 2: Determine what other expenses you should anticipate when doing NSE.
  • NSE Application Fee - Your home campus will charge you an application fee.
  • Miscellaneous Fees - Your host campus may have optional or mandatory fees, which are listed under the Tuition/Fees tab of their member campus profile.
  • Course-Related Fees - Students on both payment plans should expect to pay the host campus for books and other course-related fees (laboratory fees, supplies, field study, etc). Consult the host campus' website and/or course catalog for this information.
  • Maximum Course Load - Some campuses will charge additional per credit hour fees (on both Home and Host) beyond a certain number of credits. This information can be found under the Tuition/Fees tab of the member campus profiles.
  • Room and Meals - Most NSE campuses have on-campus housing available. Consult the Room/Meals tab of each member campus profile for estimated costs. If you choose to live off campus, you will be responsible for securing a place to live and covering those expenses.
Financial Responsibility
You are expected to pay tuition, fees, room, meals, and other financial obligations in accordance with stated home and host campus budgets and deadlines. Failure to make full payment of all required fees or to resolve other debts to the home or host campus will result in the cancellation of your exchange.

Until all outstanding financial obligations have been paid, your host campus will not release a transcript, and your home campus will not permit re-enrollment, issue a transcript, or award a diploma. Home and host campuses work together to resolve outstanding financial obligations.

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