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Updated October 2020
National Student Exchange (NSE) continues to monitor the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and its impact on study away programs and students. Please wear a mask and see links at the bottom of this page for useful information.

NSE provides accessible, affordable study away through collegiate student exchange. When you're ready, we'll be ready. Many NSE campuses are accepting applications for Spring 2021. See campus availability and rolling deadlines.

Any student placed for the 2020-2021 academic year who wishes to cancel or postpone exchange due to COVID-19 may defer exchange to ANY future term or ANY host campus (based upon availability) while enrolled at their home campus. The original placement must occur prior to November 30, 2020. Contact your campus coordinator for additional policy information.

NSE Exchange is designed for connection and community. Individual NSE member U.S. and Canadian institutions are currently making their own administrative decisions on students and study away. Due to the complexity of this situation, decisions are made on a campus by campus basis. Please contact your home campus NSE Coordinator about any academic or financial implications. Currently, some campuses are expected to resume normal instruction for the fall and/or spring term, although some may offer limited course offerings or increased online instruction.

What should students do?
Students participating in NSE are governed by the policies of both campuses, home and host, and should maintain active communication with their coordinators at each campus.

Travel Restrictions & Suspension of Programs
NSE is not suspending programs as a result of the virus, but supports the activities of our member campuses who may make changes in academic instruction. As a bridge between campuses, NSE does not express a policy on students and travel during program disruption. Any travel is the purview of the home and/or host campus and should be in line with CDC travel recommendations.

NSE Coordinators should work with students and their partner institutions to provide advice and guidance to students currently in programs. Should conditions change such that the CDC or the U.S. State Department recommend against travel to a destination, NSE will provide additional updates.

We recommend everyone know the virus symptoms and identify local healthcare resources in case services are needed. All persons are encouraged to be vigilant with infection control practices. Students who have healthcare questions should contact their home or host campus health service directly.

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