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F A S T   F A C T S
Location | Edmonton
Population | 1,491,000
Enrollment | 42,742
Language | English
Calendar | Semester
Canada | N/A

Term Dates
Fall | 09/03-12/22
Spring | 01/06-04/26

University of Alberta

Edmonton, AB

We are a Top 5 Canadian University and one of the Top 150 in the world.
UAlberta has 5 campuses located in two different cities.
We offer 200+ undergraduate and 500+ graduate programs to over 40,000 students.

About This Campus

The University of Alberta (UAlberta) in Edmonton is one of the top teaching and research universities in Canada, with an international reputation for excellence across the humanities, sciences, creative arts, business, engineering and health sciences. UAlberta is currently home to 7,000+ international students who enjoy the more than 700 programs we offer. We have received international recognition for our excellence in Paleontology, Forestry, Geology, Petroleum Engineering, and Sports-related studies. Our teaching and research in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Computing Science and Game Design is growing rapidly and garnering much attention. UAlberta is also home to the National Institute for Nanotechnology where pioneering research in nanoscience is being conducted. As well, exchange students will have access to the second largest university library in all of Canada to ensure they can find all of the latest materials to support their learning.

Location Information

The City of Edmonton offers all the amenities of being located in a large city. Our campuses are within 15 minutes of our downtown as well a vibrant entertainment district. We offer year-round festivals and attract big name entertainers for live concerts and events. And, of course, being a Winter city you can’t help but be caught up in Oiler’s fever and support our local NHL team.

Helpful Information

1) There is no guarantee of registration in the courses you may need or want. 2) You can't take more than 15 credits worth of courses per term (this is usually 5 courses), audit courses, or conduct research. 3) All or a majority of courses taken need to be in one faculty. 4) Students from Puerto Rican schools need to demonstrate English proficiency at the placement conference. A template letter can be provided in advance to Home Coordinators to attest to their students' proficiency.
2024-2025 Chance of Placement
Home Payment |Closed
Campus Availability & Deadlines
2025-2026 Chance of Placement
Home Payment |Good
Understand Chances of Placement


RegistrationClosed Programs
Alternate delivery sections of any UAlberta courses; Art & Design; Augustana Campus/Faculty courses (avoid courses with course codes starting with "AU"); Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre courses; Business; Campus/Faculte Saint-Jean courses; Computing Science; Courses with non-standard fees; Courses for field schools, work placements, or practica; Courses offered by the English Language School in the Faculty of Education; Dentistry; Drama; Economics; Engineering; Graduate-level courses (i.e., courses numbered 500 or higher); Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation; Law; Medicine; Music; Nursing; Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences; Rehabilitation Medicine; Yukon University courses. Also, please note the NSE exchange students to UAlberta cannot audit courses or conduct research.

Notable Academic Programs

  • Sports-Related Programs - We are ranked #9 in the world for our studies in kinesiology and sports-related fields.
  • Geology/Paleontology - We are ranked #5 in the world for Geology and #3 for Paleontology
  • Petroleum Engineering - We are ranked #5 in the world for our work in petroleum engineering and research.
  • Forestry - We are ranked #5 in the world for our Forestry Programming.
  • Nanotechnology - We are home to the National Institute for Nanotechnology.

Unique Academic Programs

  • Native Studies - We are the only university in Canada to offer an entire faculty dedicated to Indigenous studies
  • Artificial Intelligence, Computing Science, Game Design - We are internationally recognized for our cutting edge research in these areas.
  • Women's and Gender Studies - We are a world leader in this area.

Undergraduate Majors Open to NSE Students

Agronomy and Crop Science, Animal Sciences, Anthropology... ++ show all


GPA and Other Academic Requirements
  • General Eligibility Requirements
  • No students accepted from other NSE members within Canada
  • 1) You need to be registered as a full-time student at your home institution at the time of your application and while you are on exchange at UAlberta. 2) Students will need to submit an online exchange application to UAlberta shortly after placement. This will require uploading a scanned copy of your official transcript. Please have this document ready as soon as possible after placement.
Exchange Preferences
  • Full-year exchange Accepted
  • Single term exchange Accepted
Non-Native English Speakers
  • TOEFL: must have a score of N/A paper, N/A computer or 90.00 Internet
  • IELTS: must have a score of 6.50
Summer Exchange
  • N/A
International Students (Visa Students)
  • Will accept on Home Pay
Canadian Students - learn more
  • Will NOT accept

Tuition / Finances

Figures per Semester are current as of 05/02/24

Finances Tuition and Fees - Home Payment Students
  • Pay regular tuition to your home campus. No tuition/fees are paid to your host campus.
Maximum Credit Hours Per Semester
  • Home Payment: 15

Financial Aid for NSE Students
Regardless of Payment Plan, financial aid is awarded by and disbursed from your home campus.

Miscellaneous Fees - Per Semester

Purpose Amount Period Plan Status
Health Service Fee $200 Semester Home Mandatory
Parking Fee $1064 Semester Home Optional
Transportation Fee $180 Semester Home Mandatory
Course Fees / MaterialsVariesSemesterHost & HomeMandatory

Important Notes: 1) All fees shown (including those viewable via the link embedded in "Campus Budget" above) are for the 2023/24 school year. Fees for the 2024/25 school year are not yet known and may increase. 2) All incoming exchange students to UAlberta must pay the U-Pass fee (for a public transit pass) and the UAHIP fee (for basic health insurance provided by UAlberta). 3) The highest optional parking fee is shown above. For all rates, please go to https://www.ualberta.ca/parking-services/permits/monthly-rates.html 4) Cost per additional credit hour is listed as "0" since exchange students are not permitted to take more than a maximum of 15 credits worth of courses per term (this is usually 5 courses per term).

Room / Meals

Figures are current as of 05/02/24

On-Campus Housing Per Semester Off-Campus Housing
  • Approximate monthly cost: $
  • Proximity to campus:
  • Local Public Transportation Available to Campus
Notes About Housing
1) No approximate monthly cost for off-campus housing is shown above since that information changes all of the time and depends on student lifestyle expectations. Students wanting to live off campus will need to do their own research to discover the range of monthly rental costs they might face. We strongly urge all NSE students to apply for on-campus housing since it would be the safest and most convenient option. 2) There are no housing spaces specifically reserved for NSE students. However, NSE students starting their exchanges in September are guaranteed on-campus housing if they meet the April 30 on-campus housing application deadline. On-campus housing is not guaranteed for students starting their exchanges in January; however, there are usually less applications for on-campus housing at that time.

Meal Plans

Notes About Meal Plans
More information about optional meal plans can be found at https://www.ualberta.ca/residence/voluntary-meal-plan.html


Figures per Semester are current as of 05/02/24

Purpose Amount Period Plan Status
Health Insurance $200 Semester Home Mandatory

Important Notes about Health Insurance
Please note that the cost shown for health insurance provided by UAlberta (which is called UAHIP) is the amount for the 2023/24 school year. The amount charged for the 2024/25 school year is not yet known and may increase. More information about UAHIP can be found at https://www.ualberta.ca/admissions-programs/exchange-programs/incoming-exchange-application-guide/health-insurance-requirements.html


    All data in this document is the responsibility of the campus and has been provided by the campus NSE coordinator.
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