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Health Insurance
NSE does not require and does not provide health insurance for exchange students. It is your responsibility, therefore, to ensure that you are adequately covered by health insurance while on exchange. Some NSE member campuses will require proof that you have adequate health insurance, and others will require that you purchase their health insurance regardless of having a policy of your own.

Personal Safety
While on exchange, you are responsible for acting prudently and exercising caution and common sense at all times. Take time to learn about your new environment and familiarize yourself with campus and neighborhood surroundings. Heed the safety advice provided by your host campus coordinator, residence life staff, and others familiar with your location. Inform your parents, guardians, spouse, or significant other of how to reach you and your NSE coordinator. Maintain regular contact with those back home.

Crisis Awareness
If extreme weather (e.g., hurricane, flood, earthquake, tornado, etc.) or other emergency situation (e.g., pandemic, fire, strike, protest) arises while you are on exchange, follow the instructions provided by your NSE coordinator and the appropriate safety and student services personnel on your host campus. Advise your parents, guardians, spouse, or significant other of the nature of the emergency and periodically reassure them of your safety.

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