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SO many adventures in Fairbanks
The one where Sarah pretended to be the school mascot... | read more
VIDEO: University of Guam History
Avian arrives at University of Guam and shares campus history. | read more
New semester in Puerto Rico
Semester delays allow time to explore Puerto Rico. | read more
VIDEO: Re-entry following NSE Exchange
Re-entry has been somewhat difficult. More than I anticipated. | read more
VIDEO: A hike to beat the weather
Hiking the Cabot Trail on Cape Breton Island. | read more
VIDEO: Natasha shares her Alabama State experience
On choosing an HCBU for my exchange... | read more
Suite life of NSE
Choosing to live on campus worked for me. | read more
Historic Montana Hall
My favorite campus building is Montana Hall which is located in the center of campus and is one of the oldest buildings. | read more
Working on my fitness
It is important to stay happy, healthy, and more importantly, have fun while on exchange. | read more
Finding productivity on exchange
We all want to focus on the traveling, exploring, and hanging out with friends during our time on exchange, yet we also need to keep up with our school work. | read more

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