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Hiking and Getting Outdoors
Nothing can beat the hikes I have made this year in Northern California. | read more
New places, new friends
It has been great to meet all of my new friends, I cannot begin to imagine what kinds of adventures I will go on with all of them. | read more
Balancing adventures with education
Being in Montana, it is always tempting to get outdoors and explore whenever possible. | read more
Accept yourself where you are
Many people struggle with mental health issues and this can scare them away from things such as studying away. But it doesn't have to. | read more
VIDEO: Precautions and change
Exchange adjustments during an island-wide curfew. | read more
VIDEO: Spring break to virus break
New York City is usually a city that never sleeps, but now it is the city that sleeps. | read more
VIDEO: Stay safe and wash your hands
An exchange interruption I will never forget. | read more
Shelter in place, but off campus
Don't just sit in a dark hole. We're going to get through this. | read more
Getting Involved on Campus
Joining a club at my exchange campus helped me create student connections and gave me a community. | read more
Much to learn. Much to gain.
The spring semester did not go as planned. | read more

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