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Greater Connection and Understanding
My work with NSE is just as relevant today as it would have been in 1968. And must continue. | read more
Exchange semester memories
The mountains looked like they were painted into the landscape. | read more
Key advice for exchange
I couldn’t have chosen a better program, university, or city. | read more
Advice for future NSE students
I wanted to progress towards graduation while I was on exchange and achieved this goal. | read more
Photo Contest Winners
Spring 2020 NSE Photo Contest Winners | read more
Banking and insurance while on exchange
When transitioning to exchange, there are small things that you may not think about before moving. For me this involved setting up a bank account, cell phone service, and health insurance. | read more
Staying at home and other events (or lack thereof)
Staying home and away from people all day every day has become increasingly difficult for me. With everything going on in the world right now, I know that everyone is struggling with something. | read more
Home and Host Campus comparisons
I could not tell you which school I preferred to attend over the other. Both the University of South Dakota and Sonoma State University hold a special place in my heart. | read more
Finding my perfect exchange
This has been a semester of change, growth, and exploration in so many ways. | read more
I do not regret a single second while I was on exchange. | read more

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