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Cassandra compares her home and host campus

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I would have to say the top three things that are different from the University of South Dakota to down here in Miami at Florida International are: One would have to be the temperature, for sure. Two would probably be the animals and plants around campus. And then the third one would have to be the food choices that I have here compared to USD.

The temperature is definitely different here in Miami compared to up in South Dakota. Obviously, because it's winter and it's freezing up there and it's not as cold down here. It's been about the mid-seventies sometimes like even pushing 80's down here and being February, I think it's really awesome. And it's so sunny all the time. It does rain quite often, but usually in spurts throughout the day. It's never really raining constantly for part periods of time. Being so close to the beach is nice when the temperatures are like this. The animals and plants down here are different just because of the warmer temperatures. There’s actually this really cool little forest on campus, which is just a bunch of palm trees from like all over the world. Just different kinds of palm trees in this one section, which is really cool. In general, like the plants are just different. The flowers are different, the trees are different. Even the bushes are different just because of the weather.

There are a lot more animals on campus. USD doesn't have any animals wandering around on campus like FIU does. They have little turtle ponds, a couple of old turtle ponds. And then there's also ducks and little baby ducks wandering around too.

Another major thing that I noticed between FIU and USD was the amount of food choices that I had to choose every meal. The campus is pretty big in general, so their restaurants are pretty spread out. There's a lot more around like the main cafeteria, but for the most part there's three of them in little sections around campus. I mean, you have the regular cafeteria but they also have Burger King, Taco Bell, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Bose, Panda Express, Crepe King, Chili’s, and the hours of operation are convenient and pretty widespread throughout the day.

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