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Hey guys, my name's Avian. I’m vlogging for the NSE program. I am here now in Guam.

I just recently met the National Student Exchange coordinator. Her name's Marlene. She's been helping me out throughout the whole entire weeks of planning and organizing, where to go, the directory of the campus and just arranging like all of my registration necessities. So me and Austin, we've just met her just a couple minutes ago and hopefully I can give you a little tour of the campus right now. It's very small, very humble, but it's a really good experience. So we're going to go ahead and show you guys a mini tour of the campus. So here it goes. Stay tuned!

Originally, I'm from the University of Hawaii at Manoa, which is located in central Honolulu nearest to Ala Moana Waikiki side. But now this spring semester I will be studying at the University of Guam. So I'm so excited to show all of you guys my adventures, my experiences and that I can all get this all on video, on capture all these memories that I will be having here this semester. And the reason why I chose the National Student Exchange program is because I, you know, for one, I did it for myself to explore not too far away from home, but just enough space for myself to grow. To also, you know, live, live more independently rather than depend on most of my family members because I don't have any family out here. But I do, I do look forward to meeting a lot of family and making my own family here with other friends and other people that I meet this semester.

I just want to tell you briefly about the history of the University of Guam. So basically its former names were Territorial College of Guam, which was within the years of 1952 to 1963. And then it changed again to College of Guam in 1963 to 1968. And the University of Guam is a public land grant in Guam. Uh, nearest to Mangilao or I believe it is in Mangilao. Sorry, yes, it is in Mangilao. It's a village. It's accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges and it offers three to four different degree programs at the undergraduate level and includes 11 master level programs as well. The population there at the University of Guam is about three to 4,000 students. 94% of them are Asian Pacific Islanders and about 70, 72% of them are full time figures as well. A full time faculty is about a hundred to 200 supporting staffs at the university. And their mission is what I see here, it- its mission - the University of Guam's mission is "Ina, Diskubre, Setbe" which translates to, "To Enlighten, to Discover, to Serve.". University of Guam was founded in 1952 as a two year teacher training school known as the Territorial College of Guam, which was established by governor Carlton Skinner. And by 1960, the college moved to the present campus in the central district of Mangilao. 1965 the college was a four year degree granting institution. And then by 1968 there was about 2000 students had- that had enrolled and about 130 faculty members hired as well. And then it was designated as a land grant institution by the U. S. Congress in 1972.

And I'm so excited to show you all of my experiences, so please stay tuned!

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