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Hello everybody. So we all know about all the craziness that has been happening with COVID-19 Coronavirus. So new direction of vlogs. We're here to talk about Coronavirus, but hopefully in a more positive light than a negative light. Update with me. Last week was spring break and great time. But on Thursday when we were hiking, we finished hiking Portage glacier. I got an email from UAA saying that they are canceling classes for this week adding an extra spring break and that when we return to class they will try to switch everything to an online format for what they could and that all residents of campus housing need to move out by today. So when I saw that, I immediately started asking friends what I, what I should do, who I should contact, who has a place.

And so, sorry, snowplow. I started contacting a friend, but she lives with her grandparents and so that's not a good idea to go into their house at this time. And another friend had been having a fever, not coronavirus, just a cold. So that wasn't a good idea for me to go there. Luckily I found I've been riding to church with a lovely couple and they have extra bedrooms and so they told me I could come move in with them and but I told them I would request to stay in the dorm because they wanted everybody to move out, but they gave us a form to fill out and request to stay in the dorms and give them reasons why. I hadn't heard an answer, so I just decided just in case I got kicked out that I would pack up my things and just get ready to move in with the Ashley’s just in case.

Saturday I started to pack. But then Saturday night I got food poisoning, ugh. And I was sick all day Sunday and by Monday I was feeling a little better, but because I was sick all day Sunday, on Monday I had to pack and do laundry and stuff. And Monday afternoon at about three o'clock, I moved in here with the Ashley’s which was incredibly a blessing. It was an incredible blessing because about an hour after I moved in, I got the email saying that I was denied the dorms. So luckily I now have a place to stay. They're a wonderful family and they have a cat. So I get to have a pet in the home now too, which I missed having. Even though the world is kind of going crazy right now, great things happened.

I now have like a temporary family, which I'm sure I'll end up keeping in touch with because they've done an amazing thing for me. And they're calling me their pandemic daughter. So yeah, it's been been a whirlwind and it seems like every day there are new updates, but now that I'm kind of settled in with the house, it's Tuesday by the way. I've been here not even 24-hours yet, but I feel at home here. It's great. Even though things are going, going wild, things are turning up and one of my classes will not be moved to completely online. It's a digital class, so, or a digital photography class, so that should transition smoothly. Print making cannot be done online. So my professor said we will still meet in person, we'll just be extremely cautious around each other. There's only a few of us in the class, so we will be cautious washing our hands all the time. Luckily with printmaking, you have to wash your hands a lot because of inks and things. Ceramics is going to be online, but also not online. We're still not sure how that's going to work. There will be no in person contact with the professor, but I'll still have to go into the studio to get clay, work on clay. Drop it off for it to be bisque fired. It's going to be an odd process, but we're going to figure it out. The only class I haven't heard from is my business foundations class, but that is lecture based. So I'm just assuming that's going to be online. I'm just kind of taking it easy this week. I'm will try to go into the ceramics lab sometime this week to finish up a project because apparently, it's supposed to already be done. But the days I was planning to go in were when I had food poisoning and moved out, so I didn't get the chance.

Other than that, I am staying here. I am washing my hands frequently. Wash for 20 seconds, sing, happy birthday. Slowly saying happy birthday slowly. And that's the time you should wash your hands. At least I learned that from Sebastian Stan on Instagram. And it makes washing my hands more fun. And use lotion. Don't dry out your hands. I know that a lot of friends are having issues right now with really dry hands, especially here in cold Alaska where the air is dry. I do plan to see some friends, but will take social distancing seriously.

So, find things to do indoors. Or you can do outdoors just by yourself or with just family. Find productive things to do. Don't just sit in a dark hole. We're going to get through this. It's going to be okay and we will get through it and have a positive outlook and just be smart and everything will be okay. This will subside. And just keep high hopes.

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