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Bree and Jeremy outside of class

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So this week's question is, what resources do you find most useful on campus?

We find the library to be the most resourceful because we go to campus two or three times a week and to the library at least twice a week while we're on campus. So we use that to get homework done and I use the IT printing lab to print off a lot of papers for my classes. We have found the library to be very useful.

Another campus resource that is very helpful is the gym. When we go to campus two to three times a week, and we always go and workout for an hour or two because you have to stay in shape. University of Hawaii has a pretty nice student rec center. To get to school, we take the bus, it's part of the city transit system, but students get toride for free, so it's perfect for us. We don't have to pay for parking or drive our car and look for parking spots on campus, we just take the bus. We have found  a lot of great things around campus that are very useful and help us in our everyday lives. 

Bree and Jeremy 

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