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Hayley is studying at the University of New Orleans

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Hello, my name is Hayley Cons and I am part of the National Student Exchange program. I am currently studying at the University of New Orleans in New Orleans, Louisiana.

I'm originally from Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Arizona. I came to New Orleans to study Hotel Restaurant Tourism or Hotel Restaurant Management is what we call it in Flagstaff at my home school. And I decided to pick this program to kind of submerge myself into a very tourist destination; someplace that a lot of people come to be tourists and to see the area, to learn the history, to party, to just enjoy all the food and all there is to drink and all there is to do around the French Quarter and just the whole city of New Orleans in general.

I'm enjoying my classes so much. They're all so informative and different than anything I could take back home in Flagstaff. And my favorite things to do are what I'm going to show you or kind of show and share. I go once a week down to the French Quarter. I take the bus. It's only $3 to take it however many times you want: an all day pass. And I go to a coffee shop. The one I go to specifically is called French Truck Coffee in the French quarter and it is a New Orleans chain. There's three locations in total and I recommend it 100% — such good lattes.

I also got the opportunity today while visiting some old friends that are visiting New Orleans as well and they took me to their hotel to see the lobby. It's a very nice hotel, a shopping area in the city. Of course when you come to New Orleans there are so many things to do and so far one of the most mind blowing things I've seen is going to Jackson Square where the large cathedral is located. It's a square and people set up local art. There are street performers and it is a very popular place to go. So there are lots of tourists around, but it's just beautiful to see and to witness. It's essentially, to me, from what I can grasp so far, it's the center of the French quarter. And just any direction you pick after it is will take you somewhere awesome. And that's just a little glimpse of what there is to see in New Orleans. The French Quarter is just so expansive, while also being really tight knit and close together, but there's so much to see in just one single city block, and it's just wonderful. 


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