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I wanted to share what resources I found most helpful on campus. I also want to think about the question as where do I find myself most frequently when I am on campus.

When I'm on campus, I'm usually in one of four places. Columbine Hall, University Center, the Rec center or the library. I have three of my classes In Columbine Hall. There's also a printing lab, so whenever I need to print anything I go over there, plus there's also a coffee shop so I can get some snacks in between classes.

I have my last two classes of the day In the Rec center and I also teach my yoga classes there. Also within the Rec center is our wellness center, so you can go there for both physical and mental health services and they also have things like massages, chiropractic appointments, and they teach cooking classes there, which is really cool.

The university center has the bookstore and the welcome desk, and at the welcome desk you can get your student ID and you can sign up for any meal plans or anything you might need. In the bookstore you can buy all of your textbooks, your school supplies, and also your scantrons. This is another thing that I'm getting used to here is that for exams, we have to provide our own scantrons.

As for the library, I'm usually there studying. I go there in between classes or on the weekends when I have some extra homework to do.

Hannah W 

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