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NSE recognizes Christian Lopez

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Each academic year, NSE recognizes students who demonstrate the best use of their study away exchange participation. We are pleased to recognize Christian Lopez with the Wendel Wickland Student Achievement Award.

Christian is a student at University of Hawaii Hilo who participated in NSE exchange for the 2019-20 year with Stony Brook University. His major is Chemistry.

Christian Lopez stepped out of his comfort zone to go on exchange from an island in the middle of the Pacific to an island in New York City. He experienced a bit of culture shock his first few days at Stony Brook University but Christian was soon involved on campus and had the time of his life.

 Lopez joined the tennis team at Stony Brook University where he played in tournaments, traveled to other states for competition, and found friends among his teammates. He got involved with the Japanese Student Organization and also the Philippine United Student Organization where he participated in cultural events and performances. Christian used his exchange experience to welcome and support other students in the organizations.

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