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Bonjour mes amis! It is Maya once more and I have been back in the States for one month yesterday. And re-entry has been somewhat difficult. More than I anticipated.

First off, my contact to the French language is extremely limited here, particularly outside of an academic environment. While I am taking the French cinema course this semester, that is the only course I'm taking. It's the highest level that you can take right now. And I plan on going to the French tutor who is a guy named Viktor and he's actually from France. And I think being able to speak to him will help me to continue my goal toward fluency this year. And something kind of strange that I have been doing is talking to my pets as well as other people's pets in French and no one knows what I'm saying. Um, only me and that's fine, but it just gets me in that mindset to be able to continue my goal towards fluency.

Secondly, it has been so wonderful to be able to reunite with my friends and family here. I know I said that I really dreaded coming back here, which I did. And it's true and I'm not the biggest fan of it here. However, the people here make me love my home. Over the past month, I've really hardly been alone and I've just been with my friends pretty much 24/7 if I'm not with my family and it's kind of exhausting for an introvert like me. However I really did miss them and they just bring me so much joy into my life.

It was my first week back to my home university, Missouri Southern State University in Joplin, Missouri. And I have really enjoyed my classes so far. I love my professors. They're incredible and they just really fascinate me. And the content that we're studying is so freeing and it just makes me really enjoy my education experience. Over the spring 2020 semester. I plan to share with you some things that I miss about Montreal and Quebec, some things that I really enjoy about my hometown, um places that I love here, which includes my university as well as continuing to document my journey toward French fluency. My 2020 goal is to become super close, if not there, fluent in French. I would just really love that. And if not, I absolutely am determined to become fluent before I graduate with an undergraduate degree.

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