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What's up? I'm Louis Iquinto. I'm from Cleveland State University and I exchanged to University of Utah. Once again, it's Louis. Let's talk about love. Just kidding. I'm Louis. I'm half Japanese and half American. I grew up in Japan and I was there for 14 years. I moved to Minnesota and Ohio to attend Cleveland State University and now I'm taking this exchange program at University of Utah.

So I choose the NSE program because I wanted to go to different college and have a great experience. I have already watched a couple of basketball games and a lacrosse game. This week was Sundance Film Festival and I watched seven movies. So this NSE program is fantastic!

So today I went to Sundance Film Festival and I watched the movie called We Are Little Zombies. It was amazing. One of my favorite movies ever. And I talked to Director/Screenwriter who was fantastic. I asked a bunch of questions as I'm actually a Film Major. I was inspired a lot and it was one of my best experiences of my life and best experience of this exchange program. So what a day! 


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