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Maren shares advice for living in Hilo

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I am officially on outfit number two for today. What happened to outfit number one, you ask? Well that outfit is lying soaking wet in my laundry hamper right now because Hilo is doing what Hilo does and it has been raining for three days. And when I say raining, I mean raining, like walking through a shower, raining. I think it is probably about time that I go and get that umbrella that everyone suggested I have in the first place. I am about to head back out in this nonsense. Wish me luck.

Shirt number two is now wet. So, this is shirt number three for the day. My saint of a roommate brought me one at my last class because I was once again wet. It turns out my raincoat is really not that rain proof. But I have since ordered both a new raincoat and an umbrella on Amazon. So, things are looking up, folks.

If you are thinking of coming to UH Hilo, you're going to get here and someone, or numerous people, are going to tell you, you need to get an umbrella. It's an essential. And if you're like me, you will think to yourself, 'Oh, I'm trying to not collect too much stuff while I'm here. How essential is it? I own a rain coat'. And I would just like to be the first to say, you need an umbrella.

I did the goals thing this weekend. I went out on a fishing boat with a crew who all work on it. It's essentially a fish farm out in the middle of the ocean. These big cages are underwater and I got to go out on this boat with them. When we got out there, the crews were doing their thing, and the few of us that rode along got to get in and snorkel and watch what they were doing underwater. There were so many sharks which is a real-life nightmare for me. But actually, once I was back on the boat and safe, I thought it was one of the coolest things I've ever done.


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