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Hey, I'm Natasha and usually I study away at Alabama State University, but because of the Coronavirus outbreak ASU had students go home after spring break and yeah. I was lucky enough to come back to my home in New York city. I've been here for a couple of days now and it's really usually a city that never sleeps, but now it is the city that sleeps. So far since I've gotten back, I've only like went outside when necessary really. Which was to like get things that I needed, like detergent and stuff. Governor Cuomo of New York, he actually closed all non-essential businesses. So any kind of leisure businesses like farm shops, DSW, Bath and Body Works, like those kinds of stores. It's, it's been okay for the most part. It's just, it kind of sucks that this is happening, especially because like governor is predicting that for New York City, this won't blow over until like about four to six months.

And that infringes on a lot of like plans that I've had coming back home. This is definitely not what I wanted to be my exchange experience because I expected to come back after spring break and do my one last hurrah with all my friends. Like I planned everything with them to like, especially at ASU, to like go to the graduation and see many of my friends graduate. But it's changed everything.

So New York City is actually taking a lot of steps and measures to limit the Coronavirus from spreading even more throughout New York City. Governor Cuomo even said that it could last from four to six months in New York City. And you know, that's a lot of time, especially given how busy this city is. But for the most part, I keep abreast with what's going on in terms of the coronavirus. I wash my hands a lot. Definitely encourage everyone to wash their hands, keep everything sanitized. Especially our cellular devices. Try not to like touch your face so much after like being- after touching your phone. Keep your phone wiped down any electronics really. Definitely spark up some new hobbies, hobbies, while we're in isolation. That can help. You never know. You might be passion, you might find your passion in something else. That's pretty much the coronavirus in terms of New York City.

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