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Hannah arrives in Colorado

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Hi Guys. My name is Hannah. I'm currently a sophomore at Binghamton University studying Human Development and Psychology. I'm in Colorado Springs right now studying at the University of Colorado and I'm having an amazing time.

I knew when it was time for me to go in to school that I wanted to change that pace little bit. So I ended up going to school in New York state a few hours away from both cities, and I absolutely fell in love with it. I fell in love with the environment and being surrounded by nature and the slower, calmer pace of life.

So when I found out about the National Student Exchange program, I knew I had to do it to take that environment one step further. Um, flash forward a few months. I've been here for two weeks and I already love it so much. I can't thank the National Student Exchange program enough for letting me have this opportunity to come out here.


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