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Demographics Stats

Exchange Time |   48.45%One 1-Term 51.07%Two 2-Terms 0.87%Summer
Academic Year |   2.47%Freshman 32.17%Sophomores 43.96%Juniors 21.41%Seniors
Gender |   69.10%Female 30.90%Male
G.P.A. |   3.27

Diversity Data
(19.59% students reporting - first collected in 2015)
57.18% White 1.47% Native / First Nation
10.10% Black 1.22% Hawaiian / Pacific Islander
20.21% Hispanic / Latino 4.10% Two or more races
6.25% Asian 7.20% Unknown

Top Majors
(more than one category may have been selected)
5.75% Psychology 5.00% Biology 2.49% Undeclared
2.39% Business 2.03% English 1.95% Political Science
1.70% Undecided 1.67% Business Administration 1.58% Sociology
1.52% Communications 1.49% Accounting 1.49% Marketing
1.15% History 1.15% Elementary Education 1.10% Civil Engineering
1.08% Communication 1.05% Criminal Justice 0.94% Journalism
0.93% Anthropology 0.88% Kinesiology 0.87% Mechanical Engineering

Major Motive for NSE Participation
(more than one reason may have been selected)
67.22% Access dDifferent courses 23.50% Evaluate gGraduate schools
88.63% Live in a different area 89.65% Personal growth
4.77% Participate in hHost's iInternational program 2.80% Enter host's hHonors program
1.16% RA Exchange as a resident assistant 11.62% Language study
28.77% Look for fFuture employment 8.56% Other

Attending Home Campus on a Visa  5.87%
Receiving Financial Aid  71.96%Yes  28.04%No
Reside on Campus at Home School  44.21%Yes  55.79%No
State Resident of Home Campus  85.35%Yes  14.65%No

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