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Honors Access

Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Contact Information

Dr. Chauna Craig
Acting Director, Cook Honors College
Whitmyre Hall
290 Pratt Drive
Indiana, PA 15705
P | 724-357-4971
F | 724-357-3906
updated | 08/21
Home campus enrollment is required.
3.25 GPA Required
About the Program
We are philosophers, artists, and athletes, musicians, soldiers, and writers, adventurers and students. We’ve traveled from around the world and just down the street. As members of the Cook Honors College, we come to discuss, experiment, discover, and learn. From Greeks to university senators, band to rugby, debates to poetry, we are a community of scholars, and we invite you to discover us.

Available Honors Courses
Check out www.iup.edu/honors/core/ for more information about the Honors Classes offered, if available, to NSE students.

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