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Honors Access

Worcester State University

Contact Information

Dr. Cleve Weise
Director, Honors Program
LRC 218
486 Chandler Street
Worcester, MA 01602
P | 508-929-8691
F | 508-929-8100
updated | 05/24
Home campus enrollment is required.
3.5 GPA Required
About the Program
Honors students have their own student club and calendar of events and workshops each semester.

Available Honors Courses
BI 315 01 Neurosciences, BI 315 02 Neurosciences BT 201 ForensicsBA 305 Organizational DynamicsCH 320 Environmental ChemistryEC 110 01 Intro to MicroeconomicsIEC208: Health EconomicsEN 168 01 Film and LiteratureEN 250 Creative Thinking and Critical WritingGS 101 03/H1 Physical GeographyGE/WS 285 01/H1 Economic GeographyGE 299 01/H1 Sp.Topics: Food SystemsHI 205 Native American History HI 111 US History HI 112 US HISTORY II MA 150 Statistics Calculus I PH 101 Ancient Philosophy PH 260 Philosophy of Science PH 115 Logic I PH 241 Genocide and Human Rights PH 221 Existentialism and Phenomenology PY 112 01 Physics in Art PY 241 01 Physics I PS 355 Social and Personality Development SO 100 Introduction to Sociology UR 201 01 Analysis of Urban Systems UR 202 Aging and Metropolitan Society UR 401 Research Seminar In Urban Studies 430 01 City Year in Action TH 272 Costume History TH 390 Lighting Design AR225-01 Art Since Mid-Century AR225-02 Art Since Mid-Century AR 350 ST Gallery and Museum Studies All language courses can be taken for Honors credit

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