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Honors Access

University of Toledo

Contact Information

Heidi M. Appel
Dean of Honors College
2000 C MacKinnon Hall MS 504
Toledo, Ohio 43606
P | 419-530-6031
F | 419-530-6032
updated | 08/18
Home campus enrollment NOT required.
3.3 GPA Required
About the Program
The Jesup Scott Honors College distinguishes itself from other honors colleges with a unique blend of admission requirements that not only take into account academic performance, but also activities that demonstrate a high level of motivation and achievement. The college is a pioneer in experiential learning for its students -- which means internships, co-ops, research, service learning, study abroad and more — as well as accelerated, three-year degree programs.

Available Honors Courses
HON 1010 & 1020: Ideas, Innovations and Society I & II HON 2020: Multicultural Literature- The North American Experience HON 2030: Multicultural Literature- The Non-European Experience HON 2990: Cultural Experience Credit HON 4590 & 4690: Senior Interdisciplinary Seminars HON 4990: Honors Research Seminar

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