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Contact Information

Dr. Warren Edminster
Honors Program Director
324 Wells Hall
Murray, KY 42071
P | 270-809-3166
F | 270-809-3405
updated | 07/16
Home campus enrollment is required.
3.2 GPA Required
About the Program
Honors Program faculty The Honors Program faculty is chosen on the basis of their firm commitment to teaching and research, their genuine interest in student concerns, and their outstanding scholarship. Many of them have made notable contributions to their fields of research. Several are recipients of the coveted Regents Award for Teaching Excellence - the highest honor that is bestowed upon one professor in each college annually. Honors Program students Intelligent. Inquisitive. Well-rounded. A desire to achieve. Such characteristics describe an Honors Program student. Honors students distinguish themselves and the program as campus leaders. They are regularly recognized by academic departments and colleges for their intellectual achievements. If you wish to be known by the company you keep, know that your enrollment in the MSU Honors Program assures you of being in good company. Interdisciplinary approach to learning The interdisciplinary approach to learning ranks among the significant characteristics of the Honors Program courses. The essence of the Honors Program is it commitment to combine our seminars with knowledge and experience gained form a variety of traditional academic disciplines. Close student/faculty relations One of the hallmarks of the Honors Program is its small class size and the resulting individual attention available to its students. Seminar faculty and guest lecturers are readily available to answer questions and to assist students in developing a full understanding of the course material. Members of the Honors Program faculty are chosen partly on the basis of their commitment to fostering productive, intellectually challenging contact with students.

Available Honors Courses
HON 099 Transitions for Undeclared Incoming Honors Students HON 100 Interdisciplinary Humanities and Fine Arts HON 101 Topics in Business and Public Affairs HON 102 Topics in Communication ENG 104 Honors Composition and Research HON 106 Topics in Science, Engineering and Technology HON 107 Topics in Agriculture and Animal Science HON 110 Special Honors Topics ENG 150 Honors Composition and Research HON 161 Honors Seminar in Visual Arts HON 162 Honors Seminar in Music HON 163 Honors Seminar in Theatre HON 164 Honors Seminar in Arts and Culture Abroad HON 165 Honors Seminar in Communications HON 180 Honors Seminar in Psychology HON 201 (151) Honors Seminar in Social Science I HON 202 (152) Honors Seminar in Social Science II HON 232 Honors Seminar in Economics HON 251 Honors Seminar in Literature and Philosophy I HON 252 Honors Seminar in Literature and Philosophy II HON 261 Honors Seminar in Science I HON 262 Honors Seminar in Mathematics HON 351 Honors Seminar in International Affairs HON 355 Honors, Independent Study Abroad HON 364 Advanced Honors Seminar in Arts and Culture Abroad HON 437 Senior Honors Thesis

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