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Honors Access

University of Hawaii at Manoa

Contact Information

Dr. Vernadette Gonzalez
Director, Honors Program
University of Hawaii at Manoa
Sinclair Library Common, 2425 Campus Rd.
Honolulu, HI 96822
P | 808-956-8391
updated | 05/21
Home campus enrollment is required.
3.2 GPA Required
About the Program
By participating in the Honors Program, students take a more active role in their education. Through smaller classes, personalized academic advising, peer mentorship, and faculty guided-projects we believe all of our students will be able to gain our set of student learning outcomes. There are sophomore honors and upper division honors available. No student is ever alone through his or her journey in our program. Our dedicated faculty and staff are here to help students succeed! Our ‎Honors Faculty is committed to teaching our students in the classroom through their honors courses and by mentoring research projects. Our Honors Council is essential in reviewing student’s honors theses and improving our program through new policies and examinations. Our personnel is dedicated to serving our students.

Available Honors Courses
For more information, see https://manoa.hawaii.edu/undergrad/honors/

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