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Augsburg CGEE: New Activisms, Human Rights and Social Justice

Contact Information

Emilie Lenz
Study Abroad Advisor

Program Site

Panajachel, Chiapas, San Joe, Guatemala, Mexico, Costa Rica
English and Spanish
Courses In English?
Spanish, History, Religion, Political Science, Intercultural Studies
# of Credits

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Program Term(s)

Academic Year
Fall Semester
N/A to N/A | deadline: 05/01/24
Spring Semester
N/A to N/A | deadline: 10/01/23

Requirements & Other Information

  • This program is open to sophmores - juniors - seniors
  • A GPA of 2.5 is required.
  • The student must also know None.
  • ACCESS TYPES - Direct - Open
  • This program is administered by our campus.


- Program Fees: $17,500.00 for the semester.
- Transportation: $800.00 for the semester.
- Room and Meals: $3,000.00 for the semester.
- 0 (Other Fee): $2,150.00 to $2,650.00 for the semester.

This program explores the struggles of people in Mesoamerica, a region that stretches from central Mexico to Costa Rica. While learning or polishing your Spanish, you will know more about the human rights crisis the region currently faces from the perspective of historically marginalized communities (such as: Indigenous and Afro-descendant people, peasant communities, women, members of LGTBQ+, and youth). You will explore the historical causes of social, ethnic, racial, and political conflicts that have shaped the region and engage with communities, groups and individuals who are organizing themselves to respond to the challenges they face today: From the use of history and memory in local struggles for reparation and justice; to reflections about how religion has informed feminist, Afro-descedant, queer, and environmental initiatives; to sharing time with people carving out new economic and social alternatives or forced to flee their homes due to political, environmental, or economic causes.

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