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Wilderness & Civilization Program

Program Type
All disciplines invited
Missoula (and all over Montana)
Academic Year
2 semesters (24 credits total)
A or B
W&C is an inspiring, demanding 2-semester program. Each year, a small group of students from around the country are immersed in wildland study-- interactions between people and the land. W&C combines strengths of classroom and field learning, interactive classes, dedicated faculty, and applied learning via internships. Coursework is interdisciplinary drawing from art, biology, literature, policy, economics and Native American Studies. W&C offers students opportunity to explore contemporary conservation debates, make connections between disciplines and learn to cooperate to make positive change. W&C students receive a Wilderness Studies minor to complement any major. Applications are due February 15 for early admission, April 1 for general admission. For more information, visit UM Forestry W&C Program or contact wi@cfc.umt.edu, or call 406-243-6956.

Additional Information

Requirements: The program admits sophomores, juniors, and seniors with an average 3.0 +GPA. Students admitted to the program must maintain a 3.0 GPA to retain their status as accepted into the program. Program participation is limited to 25 students. Out-of-state students may participate via the National Student Exchange Program (NSE), or apply directly to the program.

Access Types:
  • Open: open to all eligible applicants who meet stated deadlines

Contact Information

Joanna Campbell
(406) 243-5361 (P)
(406) 243-5361 (phone) (F)
University Hall 308
Missoula, MT 59812

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