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Joseph Astrouski
Eastern Illinois University to Keene State College - Fall 2007
Major: Journalism

In his one short semester at Keene State College, Joe wrote for the campus newspaper, the Keene Equinox, and was named Reporter of the Semester. The articles he wrote while at Keene and his hard work earned him 3rd place in the Society for Collegiate Journalism's Hard News Division. With New Hampshire being a hot spot for the election, Joe took this opportunity to meet John Edwards, Bill Richardson, Rudy Guiliani, Mike Huckabee, Ron Paul, Michelle Obama, and President Clinton.
Other highlights of Joe's time at Keene include working with the Citizenship Symposium, where he was able to escort filmmaker Ian Cheney and activist Javier Angulo around town, and attended lectures by Sr. Helen Prejean (of Dead Man Walking) and Ernest Michel (Holocaust survivor). Due to his involvement, he also was given the opportunity to have dinner with Democratic strategist Riley Grimes. In addition to all of the above, he made time to volunteer at the local Community Kitchen. He did all of this while achieving a GPA of 3.67.
Statement: NSE surpassed my expectations. It helped me to become more independent and more confident. It helped me understand what I want to do with my life.

Honorable Mention

Emily Griess
Fort Hays State University to Iowa State University Academic Year 2007-2008
Major: Animal Science

While on exchange for an academic year Emily learned about herself, assisted others while being involved in campus activities and maintaining high academic standards.
As an animal science major at FHSU Emily joined the sorority, Sigma Alpha, "Sisters in Agriculture", on the Iowa State University campus. The sorority was in need of rebuilding and new leadership. While there had been plans for rebuilding, it took Emily to orchestrate them into action assisting the members to be positive professionals and leaders in agriculture. She served as a role model and shared her knowledge, invaluable to the young officers.
On top of her success with Sigma Alpha, Emily made the Dean's List and was a Lab Assistant to a Distinguished Faculty member at ISU.
Statement: The NSE program is a great opportunity to travel somewhere else in the USA to gain new and exciting experiences that are not only fun but will advance your career and personal skills.

James Kneblik
University of South Florida to Cleveland State University, Academic Year 2007-2008
Major: Marketing

While on exchange James wrote for the Cleveland Stater and the Cauldron, two CSU campus newspapers. His contributions to the university newspapers helped record some extraordinary events in the campus community. That included the 2008 Democratic Primary Debate held at Cleveland State between Senators Clinton and Obama. He also represented the student body in a positive light in both the local and national media.
James is also a gifted writer who wrote very eloquently on his own experience as a National Student Exchange participant at Cleveland State. He also volunteered for PR services in the community. Among interviews he conducted were those with Michael Schwartz, the president of Cleveland State; Chris Redfern, super delegate and Ohio Democratic Party chair; an executive and a producer for the PBS program Washington Week hosted by Gwen Ifill. His poise, demeanor, and intelligence are reflective of all the qualities that drove him to work tirelessly as a student journalist/photographer.
Statement: NSE gave me the opportunity to gain new experiences within my major and the privilege to serve my local community in Ohio.

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