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Alabama A & M University (AL)13%65%3%17%1%0%0%
Alabama State University (AL)3%91%1%0%0%2%5%
Arkansas Tech University (AR)76%8%7%1%1%0%0%
Binghamton University (NY)53%6%10%13%1%0%17%
Bishop's University (QC)60%5%5%15%1%0%0%
Boise State University (ID)74%2%12%2%1%0%5%
Bowie State University (MD)2%90%2%2%0%0%0%
Brandon University (MB)0%0%0%0%30%0%70%
Bridgewater State University (MA)79%10%6%2%0%0%0%
California Polytechnic State U, San Luis Obispo (CA)55%1%17%13%0%0%7%
California State University Monterey Bay (CA)35%7%37%6%1%0%6%
California State University, Bakersfield (CA)23%7%52%7%0%0%11%
California State University, Chico (CA)49%2%25%6%1%0%12%
California State University, East Bay (CA)18%10%30%23%0%0%13%
California State University, Northridge (CA)23%5%46%11%1%0%10%
California State University, San Bernardino (CA)13%5%61%5%7%0%5%
California University of Pennsylvania (PA)80%7%3%1%1%0%8%
Cape Breton University (NS)32%7%1%42%5%0%0%
Cleveland State University (OH)67%18%5%0%0%0%10%
Colorado Mesa University (CO)70%2%17%2%2%0%2%
Colorado State University-Pueblo (CO)48%6%33%1%1%0%5%
Dakota State University (SD)85%2%2%1%1%0%9%
Eastern Connecticut State University (CT)69%7%9%2%1%0%9%
Eastern Illinois University (IL)66%17%6%1%0%0%8%
Eastern Oregon University (OR)75%2%9%2%2%0%4%
Eastern Washington University (WA)58%3%15%3%1%0%13%
Florida International University (FL)10%13%64%3%0%0%8%
Fort Hays State University (KS)84%5%6%2%0%0%3%
Frostburg State University (MD)54%31%6%2%1%0%1%
Grenfell Campus, Memorial University of Newfoundland (NL)90%2%1%3%2%0%2%
Gustavus Adolphus College (MN)78%3%5%5%0%0%5%
Idaho State University (ID)71%1%11%2%1%0%8%
Indiana University of Pennsylvania (PA)72%11%4%1%1%4%7%
Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IN)75%9%3%4%0%0%9%
Inter American University of Puerto Rico, Arecibo (PR)0%0%98%0%0%0%2%
Inter American University of Puerto Rico, Barranquitas (PR)5%5%90%0%0%0%0%
Inter American University of Puerto Rico, Metropolitan (PR)0%0%98%0%2%0%0%
Inter American University of Puerto Rico, San German (PR)1%0%98%0%0%0%0%
Iowa State University (IA)70%3%5%3%1%12%15%
Jefferson University-East Falls (PA)62%12%6%4%0%0%16%
Keene State College (NH)87%2%3%2%1%0%4%
Lewis-Clark State College (ID)83%1%4%1%2%3%6%
Louisiana State University (LA)72%12%6%4%1%0%1%
Louisiana State University of Alexandria (LA)80%14%2%1%1%0%2%
Marshall University (WV)81%6%2%2%1%0%5%
Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts (MA)73%9%8%2%1%0%4%
Minnesota State University Moorhead (MN)82%2%3%1%1%0%2%
Minnesota State University, Mankato (MN)75%5%3%3%1%6%11%
Mississippi State University (MS)74%21%2%1%1%0%0%
Missouri Southern State University (MO)73%6%8%2%3%0%6%
Montana State University (MT)87%1%3%1%2%0%3%
Montclair State University (NJ)37%15%33%7%0%0%5%
Murray State University (KY)87%7%1%1%1%6%3%
New College of Florida (FL)69%3%18%3%0%0%2%
New Jersey City University (NJ)23%21%36%7%0%0%9%
New Mexico State University (NM)30%3%52%1%2%0%9%
North Carolina Central University (NC)3%83%6%0%0%0%2%
North Dakota State University (ND)82%3%2%2%1%0%6%
Northern Arizona University (AZ)61%3%21%2%3%0%4%
Northern Vermont University-Johnson (VT)80%4%3%1%1%0%7%
Northwestern State University (LA)60%27%3%1%1%0%8%
Oakland University (MI)77%9%3%6%1%0%3%
Oklahoma State University (OK)66%4%7%2%4%0%8%
Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico (PR)1%0%99%0%0%0%0%
Prairie View A&M University (TX)1%87%8%2%1%0%0%
Purdue University Fort Wayne (IN)81%4%6%3%1%0%2%
Queens College, CUNY (NY)41%8%19%27%0%0%5%
Ramapo College of New Jersey (NJ)64%5%15%8%1%0%5%
Rutgers School of Arts and Sciences (NJ)48%10%12%23%0%0%7%
Salem State University (MA)70%9%13%4%0%0%2%
Sonoma State University (CA)49%2%28%5%1%0%7%
South Carolina State University (SC)4%92%1%1%0%0%1%
South Dakota State University (SD)84%2%2%1%1%0%7%
Southern New Hampshire University (NH)67%2%3%2%0%0%24%
Southern Oregon University (OR)49%2%9%1%1%0%30%
Southern University (LA)2%94%1%1%0%0%0%
Southern Utah University (UT)75%2%6%1%1%0%13%
Stony Brook University (NY)37%7%11%24%1%0%20%
SUNY College at Buffalo (NY)56%24%11%2%1%0%6%
SUNY Plattsburgh (NY)67%8%11%2%1%0%8%
SUNY Potsdam (NY)62%12%15%2%2%0%4%
Tarleton State University (TX)66%9%19%1%1%0%1%
Texas State University (TX)45%11%37%3%0%0%2%
Towson University (MD)55%21%8%6%1%0%3%
Tuskegee University (AL)1%88%1%1%0%0%9%
Universidad del Sagrado Corazon (PR)0%0%99%0%0%0%1%
Université de Montréal (QC)0%0%0%0%0%0%100%
Universite de Sherbrooke (QC)0%0%0%0%0%0%100%
Universite du Quebec a Montreal (QC)0%0%0%0%0%0%100%
University of Alabama (AL)77%12%4%1%1%0%1%
University of Alaska Anchorage (AK)65%5%7%7%10%0%0%
University of Alaska Fairbanks (AK)44%2%5%3%20%0%25%
University of Alaska Southeast (Juneau) (AK)57%1%3%5%11%0%22%
University of Arizona (AZ)49%4%24%6%1%0%12%
University of Calgary (AB)0%0%0%0%0%0%100%
University of Colorado Colorado Springs (CO)67%4%15%3%0%0%2%
University of Georgia (GA)68%8%5%10%0%6%5%
University of Guam (GU)1%1%0%43%0%0%3%
University of Hawaii at Hilo (HI)24%1%2%23%1%0%0%
University of Hawaii at Manoa (HI)22%2%2%36%1%0%5%
University of Idaho (ID)70%1%9%1%1%0%14%
University of Kentucky (KY)74%7%4%3%0%0%9%
University of Maine at Farmington (ME)95%1%1%1%1%0%1%
University of Maine at Presque Isle (ME)84%1%1%1%3%10%10%
University of Massachusetts Amherst (MA)74%5%7%11%0%0%0%
University of Massachusetts Boston (MA)47%18%17%14%1%0%0%
University of Memphis (TN)47%38%3%1%0%0%11%
University of Michigan-Flint (MI)70%13%5%2%1%0%5%
University of Minnesota Morris (MN)66%3%2%12%16%0%1%
University of Minnesota Rochester (MN)69%8%5%14%1%0%2%
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities (MN)67%5%4%9%1%0%11%
University of Montana (MT)79%1%5%2%5%0%2%
University of Montevallo (AL)67%13%7%1%1%0%6%
University of Nebraska at Kearney (NE)76%2%11%1%1%0%9%
University of Nevada, Las Vegas (NV)32%8%29%16%1%0%3%
University of New Hampshire (NH)80%1%3%3%0%0%12%
University of New Mexico (NM)35%2%43%4%5%0%8%
University of New Orleans (LA)52%17%12%9%1%0%5%
University of Northern Iowa (IA)86%3%4%1%0%0%4%
University of Oregon (OR)67%3%13%6%1%0%2%
University of Puerto Rico, Bayamon (PR)1%0%99%0%0%0%0%
University of Puerto Rico, Cayey (PR)0%0%99%0%0%0%1%
University of Puerto Rico, Humacao (PR)1%2%90%0%0%0%6%
University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez (PR)1%0%99%0%0%0%0%
University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras (PR)1%1%97%1%0%0%0%
University of Regina (SK)88%0%0%0%0%0%0%
University of Rhode Island (RI)71%5%10%3%1%0%6%
University of South Carolina - Columbia (SC)76%10%4%2%0%0%5%
University of South Dakota (SD)86%3%4%2%2%0%1%
University of Texas at San Antonio (TX)28%9%48%5%1%6%5%
University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (TX)8%1%88%1%0%0%2%
University of the Virgin Islands, St. Croix (VI)4%67%11%0%0%0%18%
University of the Virgin Islands, St. Thomas (VI)5%81%6%0%0%0%8%
University of Toledo (OH)68%15%4%3%1%0%7%
University of Wisconsin Oshkosh (WI)86%2%5%4%0%0%1%
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire (WI)89%1%4%2%0%0%1%
University of Wisconsin-Green Bay (WI)85%1%5%3%2%0%0%
University of Wisconsin-La Crosse (WI)90%1%3%2%1%0%3%
University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point (WI)88%2%2%3%1%2%0%
University of Wisconsin-Stout (WI)86%2%1%4%1%0%3%
University of Wisconsin-Superior (WI)78%2%3%1%2%0%11%
University of Wisconsin-Whitewater (WI)85%5%4%2%0%1%0%
University of Wyoming (WY)71%1%7%1%1%0%14%
Utah Valley University (UT)79%1%11%1%1%0%3%
Virginia State University (VA)3%88%2%1%1%0%4%
Washington Alexandria Architecture Center (VA)100%0%0%0%0%0%0%
Washington State University (WA)62%3%13%5%1%%7%
West Chester University of Pennsylvania (PA)76%12%5%2%0%0%2%
West Virginia University (WV)79%4%3%2%1%0%8%
Western Colorado University (CO)77%2%12%1%1%0%7%
Western Kentucky University (KY)77%9%3%2%1%0%5%
Western Oregon University (OR)62%3%16%4%1%0%9%
Westfield State University (MA)73%5%10%2%1%0%4%
Wichita State University (KS)59%6%12%7%1%0%10%
Widener University (PA)72%13%5%4%0%0%3%
William Paterson University of New Jersey (NJ)50%16%20%6%0%0%8%
Worcester State University (MA)74%3%10%5%1%0%6%
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